Stolen vehicle

If this is happening now please call us on 999, otherwise, you can report it to us online.

Report an untaxed vehicle

Reports of untaxed vehicles should be directed to the DVLA.

Report a road traffic collision

If you are the driver of a vehicle involved in a road traffic collision where damage was caused or injuries were sustained and owner / insurance / vehicle details were not exchanged at the scene, you must report the incident in person at a police station as soon as possible and within 24 hours.

You are legally obliged to do this.

The driver of the vehicle involved should take the following documents to the station with them:

Abandoned vehicles

We are only responsible for dealing with abandoned vehicles if they are on a road causing an obstruction or danger, or if you believed they may be lost or stolen.

If you've made enquiries with your neighbours, no one knows who the car belongs to and you think it's been abandoned you can report it to your local council who should be able to trace the vehicle’s owner and arrange for it to be removed.


The police are only responsible for parking issues where vehicles are parked within the confines of pedestrian crossings or where a vehicle is causing an unnecessary or wilful obstruction.

For example: vehicles parked on pavements causing obstructions for pedestrians, particularly for those with prams and for those in wheelchairs; parking in a manner that causes a disruption to the flow of traffic and in particular emergency vehicles; parking on the corner of roads impeding the view of drivers trying to exit junctions, will incur a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice.

For all other parking queries please contact your local authority.

Driveway obstruction

Vehicles causing an obstruction to a driveway can only be removed by us if there is a dropped kerb in place, and the vehicle is being prevented from leaving the driveway. We will not attend a report of obstruction where a vehicle is unable to get onto a drive/parking area.

Further information and advice can be found on our Ask The Police section.

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