How you can take action

In order to tackle local concerns we want to know what matters most to you in the area where you live. You can help shape local priorities in the following ways:

Attend a neighbourhood policing meeting Complete our online consultation survey Contact your neighbourhood team What happens with the information I provide?

How can I find out more about what's happening locally?

More ways to get involved in your neighbourhood:

Report a crime Become a volunteer or a Special Constable Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch schemes in your area Visit the Crimestoppers website What happens with the information I provide?

We take your views seriously and the information you provide to us will be dealt with by your local neighbourhood team and passed to your local police station Joint Action Group (JAG).

What is a JAG?

A JAG is a multi agency forum made up of representatives from your local police, local authority and other key partners.

What does a JAG do?

JAGs are held on a regular basis (usually monthly) where police and partner organisations (e.g. local community groups, churches) come together to discuss local crime and policing issues in addition to the things you tell us matter most to you. At the JAG forum local priorities and actions will be agreed and the activity and progress kept under monthly review. On a quarterly basis JAGs will take account of all the consultation activity undertaken over the previous three months and agree a minimum of three local priorities per neighbourhood for intensive action.

Find out what your current neighbourhood priorities are.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about what is happening in your local area you can:

Visit your local station Inspector's monthly update Visit our crime mapping site Read the minutes from your local JAG Attend a local public meeting Download a copy of your latest newsletter on the right Report crime

For more information on reporting crime please visit our contact us section.

Get involved or volunteer

The Neighbourhood team consisting of the neighbourhood police officer and the police community support officer is supported by members of the Special Constabulary (volunteers) and Police Support Volunteers (PSVs).

The Leicestershire Constabulary, actively encourages the involvement of the local community through these two roles and both the Specials and the PSVs now form an integral part of the process of policing the Leicestershire Constabulary area.

Special Constables have all the powers of a regular constable, work in normal police uniform and help to improve people’s quality of life by being fully involved in providing a visible presence in the community, tackling anti-social behaviour and responding to incidents however serious. Find out more about the role of the Special Constable and how you might become one.

Supporting the uniform presence on each neighbourhood are teams of volunteers who give their free time to support their colleagues by getting involved in crime prevention initiatives, arranging meetings for the neighbourhood, staffing enquiry desks at police stations routinely closed to public enquiries, monitoring CCTV and many other activities. If you wish to know more about what it means to be a police support volunteer and don't forget, our volunteers whether in uniform or not, are drawn from our local communities and bring with them an exciting mix of skills, knowledge and abilities!

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