East Goscote stabbing: Statement from the victim

Issued on 15/2/19 at 4:42 p.m.

Todd Sadlik-Stephenson was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison today after pleading to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and battery. The victim in the case has released the following statement:

On 14 October last year, my wife and I had been our walking our dog together, something we do every evening.

Without any warning, a total stranger ran up behind us and launched himself at me. At first I thought I’d been punched in the neck, but the truth was in fact horrifying. I’d been stabbed in the neck and fell to the floor.

He had severed jugular and carotid arteries in my neck. It was a scene that should only be witnessed in a horror film. My wife started shouting for help, which focussed the attention on her. He grappled with her and tried to take her to the floor. However, she was able to break free and run across the road before passers-by intervened.

I’ve been told by surgeons that the injury I suffered should’ve resulted in my death.

To this day, nearly four months later, we still can’t believe what happened that night. I don’t think we’ll ever understand it fully or comprehend why someone would do this to a complete stranger. It was a completely unprovoked attack on a couple enjoying an early evening stroll with their dog.

This has had a major and lasting impact on both me and family. I’m still on the long road to recovery, while my wife had to witness the most unimaginable horror – stemming the bleeding of a loved one should never have to happen. This incident has changed the way we live our lives. My wife and I, as well as our two sons, are cautious everywhere we go.

The defendant has accepted his guilt and the court has passed sentence. While this does not change what happened to us, this at least allows us to focus on our family. He can move past the whole ordeal and this brings some sense of security back into our lives.

The fast thinking and actions, in what was a truly horrendous scene, of my wife and the passers-by, particularly one lady in particular, helped to keep me alive.

The amazing job that first the paramedics, and then the countless surgeons operating on me had performed, literally bought me back from the dead. Since then, the ongoing support from nurses, doctors, amazing friends and amazing family have kept us going. The support from our local community and the police has been incredible and truly humbling.

Finally, I would like to say that this single, cowardly act, has not only affected my life, the lives of my friends and families, but also those of the defendant. We hold no ill feeling towards his family. I am just sorry that the needless actions of one individual have had repercussions and consequences on so many lives, and in our case, leaving permanent physical and mental scars.

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