Kayleigh’s Love Story to be preserved in national archive

Issued on 15/12/17 at 8:25 a.m.

The multi award-winning short film Kayleigh’s Love Story is to be preserved in the national film archive.

The eight-times award winning film is to be preserved by the national film and television archive at the British Film Industry as part of the UK’s rich heritage of film.

The short film about the rape and murder of 15-year-old Measham schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood was made by Leicestershire Police last year to highlight the dangers to children of online grooming. It has been screened to hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren in the UK and overseas, and has been viewed online by an estimated 36 million people.

Deputy Chief Constable Roger Bannister said he was delighted that the importance of the film and its message was being recognised by the film industry.

He said: “We made the film to raise greater awareness of the dangers posed to children by predators operating online and the most important statistic is that it led directly to 50 children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland coming forward and making disclosures to us.

“Those disclosures enabled us to safeguard those children – something that may not have happened without this film.

“To win awards for our work is of course extremely rewarding – enormous care and effort went into the making of the film and the decision about how we should show it to children in small, supervised screenings in school.

“To learn that the BFI now intend to preserve the film in the national archive is hugely satisfying, and helps create a permanent legacy for an inspirational piece of work that was born from the bleakest and most tragic of circumstances. I hope Kayleigh’s family can feel some consolation that their daughter’s legacy will help keep children throughout the world safe for generations to come.”

Tim Cabrelli, Senior Partner at Affixxius Films, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to see one of the most impactful pieces of work we’ve ever produced be entered into the BFI archive for prosperity.

“It’s an accolade that is rarely achieved within our sector and reserved more for the Hollywood blockbusters, so it’s great to see it getting further recognition and being preserved for future reference and generations to come.”

Kayleigh’s Love Story was a Gold Winner at the EVCOM awards this year, and this success qualifies the film to be entered into the BFI Archive.

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