Melton Borough Council fraudsters convicted

Issued on 1/12/17 at 10:40 a.m.

Five people have been convicted after they defrauded Melton Borough Council out of more than £200,000.

Yesterday (Thursday) one defendant was found guilty of fraud after a trial at Leicester Crown Court. Four others pleaded guilty to fraud at earlier hearings.

Those convicted are:-

They are all due to sentenced on 16 February 2018 at Derby Crown Court.

In August 2013, Melton Borough Council were deceived out of £205,449. They received an email, they believed to be from a legitimate council service provider, which requested that the bank details they held for the organisation were amended.

The request seemed plausible and the email appeared to be genuine. In September 2013 the legitimate organisation contacted the council regarding some unpaid invoices and the deception came to light.

Detective Constable Andy Cree from the force’s economic crime unit, said: “This was a lengthy and complex investigation which took our enquiries as far as Scotland and Ireland. The six defendants believed they were untouchable and by using various bank accounts to move the money, they thought they were covering their tracks.

“This conviction is a testament to the thorough investigation, and, with the support of Police Scotland we were able to identify four of the defendants who were from the Glasgow area.

“It was a substantial amount of money for the local authority to lose, ultimately the money is used to provide services in the community, so it’s not just Melton Borough Council that has been affected it’s the wider local public.”

Councillor Joe Orson, Leader of Melton Borough Council, said: “I am pleased with the outcome and the council will continue to support the good work already carried out by the police in bringing this matter before the court to a conclusion. The council remains out of pocket as a result of this fraud and will now be looking to see what can be recovered from the Proceeds of Crime Act.”

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