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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • We have received reports that local youths are climbing onto the roof at the rear of the main shopping area in Wigston Town Centre. There has been cases where they have broken roof tiles belonging to one particular shop and have thrown them around which also causes a danger to those walking on public walkways as well as danger of being on the roof as well. We are working with local partners and using social media with local businesses to share information to identify suspects causing this issue. We urge members of the public to remain vigilant at all times when visiting Wigston Town Centre. If you do see youths on the roof I would urge you to call us immediately so we can dispatch officers to identify who they are.
    Issued: October 2018
  • Burglary – Your Local Beat Team are working hard keeping your area safe. Once again we see this concern for Burglary has adopted as a priority for the South Leicester area. It is sad to say there has been an increase of breaks mostly in the area of Knighton and Oadby. This year we are looking at new ways in how we can reduce burglaries, gain public confidence as we want you to feel reassured that we are doing the level best to keep you safe. We have recently worked hard forming relations within our communities by using Neighbourhood Link as a communication tool and social media. We have also established key individual networks within our communities forming Neighbourhood Watch. As for the unforeseen crime reports we obtained last year on Burglaries; we have launched ‘Operation Behold’ which is focusing on our top priority and to reassure our strong communities by working together. #OpBehold
    Issued: October 2018

All local priorities

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