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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • There are several youths that are riding mopeds in the Wigston area wearing no helmets. These problems have arisen since the start of April where we have taken an increased amount of phone calls from members of the public. The mopeds often have no registration plates, are being driving on pavements and parks. The reports are being received in the afternoon and evening time. How has the Priority been determined?: Since 30/03/2017, the police have received 20 phone calls reporting youths riding mopeds with no helmets and displaying no registration plates.
    Issued: May 2017
  • The neighbourhood Team will be addressing the long term issue and working with stores to reduce the level of current Thefts from Stores.
    Issued: February 2017
  • Increase in Anti social Behaviour by a group of youths throwing, stones, apples and missiles at vehicles and property causing damage and general nuisance to residents.
    Issued: November 2016

All local priorities

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