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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • The community have raised concerns of Anti Social Behaviour on Bartholomew Street over the past few days. Your local Policing Team have conducted a street consultation which was on 24th May 2018. Most of the issues highlighted were local youths playing street football, which has resulted in damage being caused to vehicles and properties.
    Issued: June 2018
  • The community have raised concerns of Anti Social Behaviour along the Evington Road Corridor over the past few days, including the location of Hazelwood Road/Kedleston Road, Brookside, Stoughton Drive North, St Philips Court and the Roundhill Tennis Club, Homeway Road. The concerns being youths congregating in groups in various places within this area. Sometimes reports state the groups are smoking drugs or drinking alcohol and being rowdy. Occasionally there will also be vehicles involved parked up at the said locations. Street football has also become another factors contributing to the Anti Social Behaviour.
    Issued: June 2018

All local priorities

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