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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • Local residents report a large number of ASB incidents occurring in and around the shops complex at Sharmon Crescent, Leicester. Youths causing noise, drug use, speeding vehicles, Nitrous Oxide use, possession of knives. Closely linked to Sharmon Cres is Kirke Walk and the rear of the The Shoemakers Public House. Spillage from the issues in Sharmon Cres seem to appear in Kirke Walk also.
    Issued: May 2018
  • Knife Crime Reduction Initiative. Over the past few months we have dealt with a few knife related incidents involving young persons. Individuals who are involved with or regularly linked to possession of Knifes are now identified and receive regular interaction with officers.
    Issued: March 2018

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