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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • (Police ref: NL6204) Groups or individuals who are in the main walking to and from the Loughborough Students Union from their properties within the student residential areas, predominantly the roads which run off the Main Ashby Road and through the Kingfisher Estate. Some of these are causing noise nuisance, which is referred to as Transient noise, such as singing and talking loudly. This coincides with the link with these groups or individuals drinking alcohol as they are making their way to the Students Union. Identified times are Wednesday and Friday evenings between 2200-0200. Our aim for this problem solving plan is to encourage the local residents to report the issues they are experiencing, which will provide us with accuracy and clarity of the actual problem rather than working off anecdotal evidence.
    Issued: March 2018

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