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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • It has been identified through crime analysis that Theft from motor vehicles is on the increase in the Hamilton, Netherhall and Humberstone beat area (NE12) This PSP is specifically in order to combat /address the problem within the area of NE12 which is currently affecting the community with there being 21 reported cases since the 01st of May 2017 to date (26th June 2017) .The location is suffering with TFUMV consisting of number plates, fuel, parts (Wing mirror, bumper) and content theft of which are occurring during the early hours on the morning.
    Issued: June 2017
  • Consultations have told us that Sandhills Ave shops suffers ASB in the car park area with littering, groups congregating, noise pollution, drug use. This ASB is having an impact on residents living in the flats above the shopping area, the shops themselves and also visitors to the area. This area has also recently been experiencing issues with commercial breaks. Most of the issues are occurring in the late evening and early morning hours any week and weekend day.
    Issued: June 2017

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