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Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • The residents of School Road Kibworth are suffering ongoing issues with local youths. The youths are causing Anti Social Behaviour by way of gathering on the street and causing noise and disruption to the residents and also low level criminal offences by throwing objects at the windows of local residents causing damage. Due to the layout of the village the youths seem to be using the road as a cut through to access one end of the village to the other. One end of the village is a large housing area and the other is the village centre. The youths are gathering around food and drink outlets within the centre. The park is also being used as a venue to run away to and escape once objects are thrown at premises. The residents have been suffering this behaviour for a period of weeks/months and the Anti Social Behaviour integrated approach will be utlisied with any identified offenders/suspects. Partner agencies are being consulted with the view of a joint approach to problem solving
    Issued: October 2017
  • It has been reported to us that drivers and riders of vehicles (primarily) in the village of Fleckney and also in the surrounding areas have been causing disruption to local residents, businesses and members of the public by way using their vehicles in an anti social behaviour. This involves driving the vehicles in a noisy manner, speeding, gathering in public places and driving erractically. We plan to address this issue by increasing our policing presence in the villages and dealing with any offending party we witness or is identified to us. We are also looking to work with the fire service to offer edcuaction and prevention advice and we will also be inviting DVSA and EmOps traffic department to identify problem vehicles and ensure they are fully road worth and all modification legitimate, road worthy and declared to their insurance companies. We will also be looking to disrupt the gathering points and known driving routes
    Issued: August 2017

All local priorities

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