Bosworth, Ratby, Groby, Markfield and Stanton

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Current local priorities

Consultation with the community has identified the following priorities that we will be concentrating on over the coming months:

  • Local residents and parish councillors have raised some concerns with traffic in Bagworth. The concerns brought to our attention cover 3 specific areas. 1. HGV’s from nearby industrial units are using the village as a short cut breaching weight limits 2. Speeding along Station Road 3. The use of vehicles anti-socially in an around station Road. Over the coming weeks we are going to be working closely with our partners to overcome these issues and we will update you with our progress.
    Issued: August 2017
  • Local residents have raised concerns about moped been driven in and around the Ferndale Park, Ratby in an anti-social manner. This behaviour has been causing annoyance to local residents as well as users of the park.
    Issued: August 2017
  • Local residents have raised concerns about youths on mopeds congregating on Bell Lane, Newbold Verdon causing general annoyance and anti-social behaviour. It has been reported that the mopeds have loud exhausts and that the riders excessively rev their engines when it is not required.
    Issued: July 2017

All local priorities

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