How to apply to become a Special

First step...

We recommend that, where possible, you attend one of our information seminars. At information seminars you get the chance to find out first-hand what it is like to be a special. You will receive an interactive experience with an animated presenter and the opportunity to meet serving specials and hear about their experiences.

However, if you have attended a previous information seminar or feel ready to submit your application, you can complete our online application form.

Second step...

You will be asked to provide personal information as well as completing two competency-based questions (CBQs). CBQs require you to give a detailed account of how you have demonstrated a particular core competency in the past. Some of the competencies tested could be professionalism, working with others, decision making or service delivery.

Please note that many candidates fail the application process, simply because they do not give enough time and attention to the completion of the two competency-based questions. For further guidance on the competency-based questions please click here.

Third step...

After successful selection you will be invited to our headquarters to complete a fitness test and take part in an assessment centre.

There are two elements to the fitness test, in endurance and dynamic strength, and you must pass both of them before you can be appointed. The assessment centre includes a written test and a group assessment.

For more information on the fitness test, please click here.

Fourth step...

After passing the fitness test and assessment centre, you'll be required to complete a medical fitness examination by your doctor and an eyesight test by your optician.

Fifth step...

We will check your references, and carry out security checks and vetting. Successful appointment is subject to you passing these checks, which may also include your immediate family.

If successful, you'll receive a start date.

If you have any queries please contact the HR Shared Service Centre:

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