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What training will I receive?

You will wear the same uniform as regular officers and receive full training in all aspects of police work including: powers of arrest, officer protection and preparing evidence for court.

All specials are subject to a comprehensive training programme with regular refreshers throughout their service. The training will be delivered over some weekends and weeknights.

For the initial part of the training programme, you will be based in the classroom where you will learn about the law, first aid, the use of force (e.g. handcuffs, batons, incapacitant spray) and how to apply it to your policing duties.

Training then moves to a practical phase and you will go out on patrol with a tutor constable for a period of time.

In the final phase of the programme, you will report for duty with your shift colleagues and build up your skills and experience. Your progression will be continually assessed against levels of competence, and further support will be given to you if you require it during your training.

The Attestation

To celebrate the successful completion of your training, you, your family and friends will be invited to attend an attestation evening where you will swear the oath of a constable and receive your warrant card.

Continuous further development

After you have been attested, you will undergo further training and development to be formally recognised with accredited patrol status; this means you are able to take your place on shift as a fully trained officer and are capable of patrolling and dealing with incidents on your own when required.

Additionally, the force has numerous specialist departments which you may be able to consider an attachment to, which will further enhance your skills.

Continuous development is important in the police service and you will be given opportunities to enhance the skills you develop.

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