Fitness related test

Being a special is physically demanding and you will face challenging situations where a good level of fitness will be required. You will need to be able to protect members of the public as well as yourself and your colleagues.

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To make sure that you are physically able to carry out your duties as a special, you will be invited to Leicestershire Police Headquarters to complete a fitness test.

You will need to train to pass the fitness test. Some people can find it physically challenging to reach the levels required so we recommend you start training weeks before you attend an assessment centre. Download the fitness test booklet to help you in your preparation.

There are two elements to the test and you must pass both of them before you can be appointed.

You must achieve:

Endurance fitness (multi-stage 15m shuttle run) Level 6 (minimum Level 5 shuttle 4)

Dynamic strength (upper-body strength) Dyno machine – push 34kg, pull 35kg

You should aim for Level 6 as this will demonstrate to us that you can perform effectively as a special. You will be encouraged to perform to the best of your ability with a minimum pass rate of Level 5 shuttle 4. You will take both tests on the same day and you will be assessed regularly throughout your duty.

You may not have a lot of time to prepare for the fitness test so we recommend you start training now.

You will have three opportunities to pass the fitness test. If you fail on your third attempt, your application will not be processed any further and you will not be eligible to reapply to become a special for six months.

You can see what the fitness test will look like by watching this video recorded by Northamptonshire Police.

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