Competency based questions

As part of the specials application process, you’ll be asked two competency based questions.

We’re looking for evidence of the qualities you already have or may develop to enable you to carry out the role of a special constable.

You'll be asked to give a detailed account of how you have demonstrated a particular core competency in the past. It’s important you use real examples of situations that you have been involved in so that the force can see, in as much detail as possible, exactly how you behaved.

The competencies tested are:

Your answers will be used to decide whether your application progresses to the next stage.

Please note that many candidates fail the application process simply because they do not give enough time and attention to the completion of the two competency based questions.

Please click here to access our Guidance Notes for more information and to help you complete your application form.

Generalisations about what you usually do, what you did on a number of occasions, or what the group/team has done previously will not score well. We need to know what part you played on that occasion that is over and above what you would normally do.

If you consider that you have a disability or learning difficulties such as dyslexia and require additional support or reasonable adjustment to assist you in completing the application please contact the recruitment team on

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