Leicestershire Police Specials

Leicestershire Police Specials are volunteer police officers with the same powers as regular officers and typically spend around four hours a week, or more, working alongside and supporting regular officers to tackle crime in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

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Watch the video below to find out what it is like to be a special with Leicestershire Police. #COULDYOU be a special?

What is the Special Constabulary?

The Special Constabulary has been around for approximately 177 years, supporting the work of regular officers on duty, policing local events, assisting at road traffic incidents, raising awareness of force initiatives and campaigns, and liaising with local schools and colleges to promote crime prevention.

Each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales have a Special Constabulary with more than 16,792 specials across the UK. Recruitment is now open for specials and you could start training within three months from submitting your application.

We are firmly committed to the principles of equal opportunities and encourage applications from all sections of our communities.

Could you make a valuable contribution in your community?

Could you challenge yourself and show what you are capable of?

Could you increase your confidence and develop your team working skills?

Could you work alongside and support regular officers?

Izabela can. Izabela volunteers her spare time to Leicestershire Police during the week, while at the weekend she works as a chef leading a team of 14.

John can. John keeps his feet firmly on the ground when he volunteers with Leicestershire Police but during the week, he’s flying high as a Commercial Airline Pilot.

Thanks to volunteers like Izabela and John, Leicestershire Police is able to tackle issues that matter most to local people. Specials give up their time and energy for the benefit of the community and the people who are a part of it. Read their stories here.

Specials have the same powers as regular officers, wear the same uniform and receive full training in the many aspects of police work including powers of arrest, preparing evidence for court and officer protection. Specials come from a variety of backgrounds including chefs, pilots, doctors and teachers. They may be bringing up a family, between jobs or retired. Hours are flexible but we ask that specials offer their time for at least four hours a week on average or 16 hours a month.

No formal qualifications are required to join but we ask that you have good spoken and written English, reasonable numeracy skills, honesty and integrity. We also ask that you have a sense of humour and the ability to cope with the unexpected.

If you have any questions about the Special Constabulary, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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