Police Support Volunteers

COULDYOU share your time and skills to support policing in Leicestershire and Rutland?

Volunteer current vacancies buttonA police support volunteer (PSV) is a member of the public who plays a vital role in helping us deliver and improve the service we provide to your communities. Through personal choice they commit time and energy to perform tasks at the direction and on behalf of Leicestershire Police

What's in it for you?

Volunteering can benefit you in a whole host of different ways. By becoming a police support volunteer, you can:

Meet some of the team...

Barry, 64, is a freelance audio visual technician and has volunteered with Leicestershire Police for just over a year. He said: “One of the best parts of volunteering for the force is the variety of people that I meet in the course of duties.” Alongside his job and volunteering, Barry still makes time to study for a degree in international development, and relaxes by going away in his motorhome.

Lorna, 59, has been a police support volunteer for the last eight years. When she isn’t carrying out speeding initiatives in the high risk areas of Leicester, she is a motorsport marshal and travels around to different events. She said: “I’ve always been a people person, and volunteering allows me to work with a diverse range of people, and as the video says, anyone can do it.”

Shameera, 36, works for British Gas as a Customer Service Assistant and has volunteered her time to us for the last two years. She can confidently speak five languages and has helped the force improve and maintain its links with the Asian community. She specifically enjoys being involved with community projects and said: “I really like the engagement side of volunteering, both with the community and with the police. It’s nice to be able to make a difference.”

Mick, 65, has been volunteering for the force for 5 years and recently created the MAX PAX van; a vehicle providing hot drinks and soup to officers on duty. Mick often takes the van out to big sporting events or festivals, where he knows that officers will be outside on patrol. Mick said: “When officers are on duty at a cold, wet football match, a warm cup of coffee can make all the difference and gives them the boost they need.”

Edmund and Edwin are 21 year old twins who are both in their second year of studying Forensic Computing at De Montfort University Alongside their studies they volunteer in the Investigation Management Unit and work on digital media recovery, such as CCTV, to assist in ongoing investigations. Edmund said: “I find the work we do very interesting. It gives me a real insight into the world of policing and a lot of the training exercises I’ve completed have already helped me with various elements of my degree.” Edwin agreed and said: “It’s great to be able to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired to a working situation, while also making a positive difference to victims of crime.”

Kirsti, 26, has volunteered with the force for almost two and a half years and is currently undergoing training to become a PCSO. Previously she worked full-time as a support worker and said: “I enjoyed working with the community at local fun days and events, it was invaluable experience for a future career in the police.”

If you have some spare time to donate, why not come and try it? You might discover a hidden talent, we can provide lots of opportunities to help you learn new skills and make a positive difference in your area.

How do volunteers help?

Our volunteer roles are designed to enhance the work of our officers and staff and give extra support to local communities. They help police officers and staff who are then able to concentrate on core policing duties, which means officers can spend more on their neighbourhoods working with their communities.

How does it work in Leicestershire Police?

We apply a policy of equal opportunity and our aim is to ensure we treat our staff and volunteers fairly. Volunteers and the work they carry out is not to replace employees; the underlying principle of the agreement is that volunteers compliment and support staff roles.

Being a volunteer provides a unique opportunity for individuals to use their skills, experience and local knowledge to make a positive contribution in their community by supporting the work we do. Volunteers will be given resources to carry out their role effectively and we will ensure, through induction and training, they are properly integrated into the organisation.

Volunteers must be aged 16 or over, and successful applicants will go through a security vetting check.

Th recruitment process can take up to three months and if you are successful, you will be offered a suitable volunteer opportunity.

Please see our FAQ page for more details

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