Transferred scores - Competency Based Questionnaire / SEARCH Assessment Centre

ARCHIVE - Information on this page is for reference only.

We are able to accept transferred scores providing you meet the following requirements:

The transfer of scores can still apply if your application is in progress with another force, however, in order to transfer your score to this process you must withdraw your application from the previous force.

You will need to provide proof of your score (either confirmation from another force or College of Policing) and submit it to us with your online application form by the application closing date

If you have been declined at any stage of the national process for example; national criteria, competency based questionnaire, assessment centre, medical, fitness or vetting you will not be able to transfer your score.

Applicants transferring scores should be aware of the following:

Your competency based questionnaire and assessment centre score will be added to the list of scores obtained by new applicants. You will then be placed in score order with all other applicants

We are unable to confirm at this stage whether we will accept the national pass rate for competency based questionnaire (9 or above) or assessment centre (50% or above). In view of this we would not be able to guarantee that transferring your score would automatically secure you a place on the next stages of the recruitment process

Whether you are transferring your competency based questionnaire or assessment centre score you will be required to attend and pass the force interview

The national recruitment process does not allow applicants to take more than one SEARCH assessment centre in any 6 month period.

ARCHIVE - Information on this page is for reference only.

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