Pre-employment checks

Apply now buttonIf you are successful at the SEARCH assessment centre you will receive an offer letter stating that you will be appointed, subject to satisfactorily passing;

Once you have successfully completed all pre-employment checks you will receive an offer of appointment, conditions of service, starter pack and joining instructions.

During the application and selection process we will be assessing your mental and physical fitness to undertake the role.

Fitness test

The Job Related Fitness Test looks to see whether you are fit for the job and are ready for Officer Safety Training, where you learn to protect yourself and others. You will be required to undertake a running test, known as the Multi-stage Shuttle Run Test or Bleep Test, to level 5:4.

To pass - improve your fitness before your medical. For the Bleep Test, aim for a hard run for 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week.

Download our fitness test booklet [PDF]

Dynamic strength

Your dynamic strength will be tested using a Dyno machine which records levels of force. You will complete five chest pushes and five back pulls from a seated position. We will record the average score from each.

To pass, you will need to be able to push 34kg and pull 35kg.

Download our fitness test booklet [PDF]

Medical assessment

A medical assessment will generally be carried out by our Occupational Health team. They will check the following:

You will be asked to complete a confidential medical history questionnaire. Depending on your medical history, we may have to contact your GP/ specialist for further information.

Once you have been declared medically fit we will then progress your application to the next stage.

Get more advice

You can check your Body Mass Index (BMI) at

You can find out more about healthy eating at and


We send reference requests to all your previous employers from the last three years. If you haven’t been employed for three years, we will ask for a character reference or an educational reference.

Attendance criteria

The force has a strict absence policy set criteria of:

Vetting checks

The vetting process is entirely confidential and the outcomes (other than pass/fail) are not shared with anyone else in the organisation (including trainers, future line managers or fellow trainees) or anyone outside of the organisation (including family).

We will carry out security checks on you and your:

Financial circumstances

Applicants will have their financial status checked.

These checks are carried out because police officers have access to privileged information, which may make them vulnerable to corruption.

Applicants with outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) or who have been registered bankrupt with outstanding debts, will be rejected. If you have discharged bankruptcy debts then you will need to provide a Certificate of Satisfaction with your application. At least three years will need to have passed since the date of discharge.

Applicants with cautions/convictions/reprimands, other than some motoring offences, may not be accepted.

Biometric Vetting

We will need to take your fingerprints and DNA samples to carry out some final vetting checks against the national police database.

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