Stage 3 - Assessment Centre

ARCHIVE - Information on this page is for reference only.

If successful at the force interview you will be invited to attend a National SEARCH Assessment Centre. These are held at the National College of Policing at Ryton near Coventry and lasts for half a day.

Candidates are required to undertake a variety of exercises which will be based on the Policing Professional Framework.

The exercises undertaken are:

You will have at least two weeks to prepare and full details will be sent to you about what will happen on the day.

The current national pass mark for applicants attending the assessment centre is 50%, however as spaces are limited, only the highest scoring candidates are selected to continue to the next stage. All passes remain valid with all forces for 12 months.

If you score between 50% and the percentage required for this force you may be able to transfer your application to other forces, but you would need to approach these forces directly. You cannot attend an assessment centre more than once in a six month period.

More information about the assessment centre will be sent to you if you are invited to attend.

You will be provided with your result and feedback report 3-4 weeks after your attendance.

ARCHIVE - Information on this page is for reference only.

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