Stage 1 - Application form

During the recruitment window, you will be able to complete the national police officer application form.

The form must be completed online and submitted via the recruitment portal. This document must be completed honestly and accurately and must be all your own work.

You will need to submit original certificates, exam slips or letters from the relevant educational establishment as proof of your qualification.

If you have any tattoos, please ensure you enclose a photograph of them as per the application form guidelines.

You will have three weeks to complete the online form and no late applications will be considered.

Any mistakes/errors cannot be rectified, therefore you should ensure the information you enter is accurate at the time of submitting.

Competency Based Questionnaire (CBQ) - Hints and tips

There are four competency based questions and the spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout the application must be excellent, as this is marked as part of the paper sift process.

The competencies tested are:

Each question asks you to provide an example of a specific occasion from recent or past experience either work or personal life.

It is important that you use real examples of situations that you have been involved in so that the Force can see, in as much detail as possible, exactly how your behaved. If necessary, you should quote exactly what was said.

Generalisations about what you usually do, what you did on a number of occasions, or what the group/team has done previously will not score well.

We need to know what part you played on that occasion that is over and above what you would normally do.

Example - Question 1

Please describe a specific occasion when you have intervened to take control of a situation. Why was it necessary to intervene in the situation?

Use an example that you found difficult or challenging to deal with, which is not normally your role or responsibility to take control of. The strongest candidates will be able to provide an account whereby he or she has encountered a challenging scenario, in their workplace, in their club or society or on the streets.

A situation should then be described where there are differing options. For instance:

Before completing the competency based questions through the recruitment portal, start by:

All candidates are assessed under national guidelines, on our behalf, by an approved external company.

Please do not contact Shared HR Service Centre by telephone for your competency based questionnaire (CBQ) or shortlisting results as you will only be notified by email. It is anticipated that the paper sift results will be circulated four to six weeks after submission.

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