Police Community Support Officer

Supporting policing in your community

Police Community Support Officers, often referred to as PCSOs, are members of Leicestershire Police's support staff. They patrol on foot and in vehicles in local communities.

They are easily recognisable by their distinctive uniform, similar in style to that of a police officer - the difference being that PCSOs wear a blue cap band, blue tie or cravat and blue epaulettes and have the wording ‘Police Community Support Officer' on the back of their jackets.

As their title suggests, Police Community Support Officers are there to support police officers and communities, and address such issues as vandalism and minor public disorder matters which are close to the hearts of the public. These are generally concerns which do not require the experience or powers held by police officers, but which often take them away from more appropriate duties.

Police Community Support Officers assist us to fill the gap between public expectation and the resources at our disposal. They fulfil a valuable role within our communities and add value to the wider police family in trying to provide a public service.

Police Community Support Officers can deal with low level antisocial behaviour and quality of life issues which affect the lives of residents. They can issue fixed penalty notices for cycling on the footpath, dog fouling and dropping litter. Amongst other things, they have powers to confiscate alcohol and tobacco, remove abandoned vehicles and carry out road checks.

There will undoubtedly be instances where incidents occur outside their area of responsibility, for example, serious road traffic collisions, major disorder or serious crimes. In these cases, they will have the ability to call upon their police officer colleagues for assistance, but they are trained to attend and preserve the scene in the intervening period until a police officer arrives.

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