Police Support Volunteer Roles

Police Support Volunteers assist police officers, staff and other volunteers to address policing issues that matter most to people locally. They bring a wide range of skills and experience from all sorts of backgrounds.

They join the volunteering programme for many reasons – but they all have one thing in common - they want to help Leicestershire Police in making life better for communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Volunteers undertake various unpaid roles such as monitoring CCTV footage, delivering crime reduction advice and providing administrative support to Neighbourhood officers. There are many different opportunities to volunteer in both the City and County and new roles are constantly being identified where volunteers can assist police officers and staff.

Don’t worry if you do not have any formal qualifications, we are more interested in your ability to communicate effectively and your commitment and enthusiasm to work in an environment where confidentiality, honesty and integrity are important.

We would also need you to meet our security vetting and eligibility criteria and be able to work as part of a team, with minimum supervision if required. You can access the Security Vetting Form here and the Verification of Identification and Right to Work in the UK Form here.

The following role is currently available

Volunteer Police Chaplain

Department/Location: At a specified police station within the Leicestershire Police area

Responsible to: Lead Chaplain

Role Purpose: To support Leicestershire Police by offering a pastoral and spiritual care service to all its members

Some of the tasks we would like your help with: • To offer personal, practical and spiritual support to all police officers, staff and volunteers regardless of their faith/belief system or lack of one. This may extend to their immediate families.
• To build relationships based on friendship and trust by visiting police stations, attending training sessions and spending time on shifts with members of the Force.
• To assist in building links with communities.
• To advise on operational religious matters as appropriate.
• To assist in co-ordinating a multi-faith response to major/critical incidents.
• To assist the police commander in appropriate operational circumstances such as hostage incidents, traumatic events, major events, critical events or public disorder.
• To provide an indicator to commanders in relation to morale issues. What skills you need include:
• Coming from a recognised faith and accredited as such within their faith community
• Ability to offer a regular pattern of visits to a specified station to which they will have been appointed
• Having been trained to a recognised and consistent standard in religious and pastoral care issues
• Being able to relate to those of a different faith or of no faith at all
• Being impartial, non-judgemental, a good listener, approachable and aware of the issues of confidentiality
• Experienced in providing pastoral support across a broad spectrum of the community
• Prepared to learn and to continue to learn about the role of the police in maintaining law and order and in serving the community

What training and support you will receive:
You will take part in an induction to help you understand your role and how the force works, along with training on how to use those IT systems needed to help you discharge the role and specific training on becoming a police chaplain. You will have the support of identified managers throughout your time as a Volunteer Police Chaplain.

How much time? This is a flexible role and hours (in amount and when) are subject to local agreement with the area you are assigned to. However a minimum of 8 hours volunteering per calendar month is expected along with a willingness to be contacted 24/7 should an emergency arise.

For all Police Support Volunteer roles please fill out an application form. This can either be filled in electronically or handwritten. Once completed, send the form to [email protected]

For more information, please contact the Shared HR Service Centre during office working hours on 0300 330 1330.

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