Gifts and gratuities

This page has been established to provide information in relation to Gifts, Gratuities & Hospitality offered (whether accepted or not) to members of Leicestershire Police.

Police Officers and staff should not accept the offer of any gift, gratuity, favour or hospitality as when doing so might compromise their impartiality or give rise to a perception of such compromise.

The Register of Gifts, Gratuities & Hospitality is under the direction and control of the Head of Professional Standards, who will ensure scrutiny, auditing and governance of the register in line with wider corporate governance of matters of integrity and counter corruption

The National Police Chiefs' Council have made recommendations that police forces should demonstrate transparency and we welcome this.

We will update this page every 6 months to show all Gifts, Gratuities & Hospitality offered.

We would also welcome you to view our other new pages which provide information on Business Interests and Misconduct Outcomes.


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