Text message access for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired people

Leicestershire Police has introduced a text message service for members of the community who cannot use a voice telephone.

People who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech impaired now have the option to contact Leicestershire Police to report an incident using a text messaging service via their mobile phone.

What should it be used for?

The service should be used when there is no better option available to contact the police or other emergency service.

For example, consideration should be first be given to asking for assistance from people nearby who may be able to more effectively contact the police on your behalf. The use of TypeTalk should also be considered.

The Short Messaging Service (SMS) should not be relied upon as the sole method of contact to obtain a response in an emergency situation.

The primary function of the SMS is to provide an alternative method to contact the police in a non-emergency situation.

However, it is recognised that there may be emergency situations where no other method of communication is available.

What is the number?

People who are eligible to use this service must register first by texting 'register' to 999 before sending their message. There is also the option to use NGTS on 18000. These numbers are to be used in an emergency only. The non-emergency SMS number is 07624 818 901 and the NGTS number is 18001 101.

How does it work?

The user sends a text message to the number provided, just as they would send any other text.

This is be converted by a third party provider into an email and sent to the Control Room at Leicestershire Police Headquarters. The email will display the text of the message along with the time and date received and the phone number from which it has been sent.

While the Control Room is staffed round-the-clock, 365 days a year, Leicestershire Police cannot be held responsible for delays in receiving messages.

You will ONLY know your message has been received when you get a reply.

When contacting Leicestershire Police please remember to state:


What is the problem or incident?


Give details of the location i.e. house number/landmark, the road name and town.


Your name


Do you need just the police or do you need the ambulance / fire and rescue also.

An operator may then reply to you by text message asking for more details. They will provide you with the incident number as logged by the police and the response to be expected.

What response can I expect?

This will depend upon the nature of the incident, resource availability and the services required.

Leicestershire Police operates a Graded Response Policy. Response times can vary from within 15 minutes for life and death situations, to scheduled appointment times when appropriate.

What if the system is misused?

The misuse of any telecommunication system may, under certain circumstances, be subject to an investigation resulting in criminal proceedings.

Emergency services can request a network provider to disconnect a mobile phone account which has been used to misuse the telecommunication network, as well as disabling the actual phone from which the call was made.

However, genuine users of the text messaging service have no reason to be concerned with regard to this course of action.

Further queries in relation to this facility should be directed to:

Contact Management Centre Project Office on telephone 101 ext 2471/2472.

Please note these emails are not monitored 24 hours a day. Please do not use them to report a crime or if you need to contact the police urgently. Please call 101, or 999 if it is an emergency.

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