Make a complaint

You are about to start the formal process of making a complaint about a Leicestershire Police officer or member of staff. We take this very seriously, so please provide as much information as you can to help us with our investigations.

Use our online tool to start the complaint process

What can I complain about?

Generally, there are two types of complaint:

Where a police officer or other member of staff has failed to meet the standards you expect from them, you can complain about their conduct, for example, if you think they have been rude or abused their authority. This type of complaint is what is normally understood as a complaint against police and investigation of such matters is covered by specific legislation and on occasion can be overseen by the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Time limits

The Professional Standards Department may consider not conducting an investigation where no good reason or valid explanation has been provided for why it has taken in excess of 12 months to make your complaint.

How will my complaint be dealt with?

Visit for further information on how we will deal with your complaint.

Complaints about policy and / or procedure

These are organisational complaints, sometimes referred to as Direction and Control complaints.

For example this could be about our policies and procedures for investigating crime or our tactics for policing public events.

You can thank us or make a complaint by completing this on-line form. We cannot respond to you if you do not tell us who you are or how we can contact you, so please take the time to add your personal details. This form will only be received by police during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. Please see other means by which to make a complaint.

Other ways to complain

Visit our Other ways to complain web page for further information.

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