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Victim Right to Review
Head of Crime and Intelligence Directorate
Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters
St Johns
LE19 2BX

Background information

Victims of crime have the right to request a review of police decisions in cases where it has been concluded that no further action can be taken.

The right to request a review has been introduced following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and applies to:

You have been informed by Leicestershire Police that they have decided to take no further action in respect of the crime you have suffered, and you meet the criteria given above. As the officer will have explained, you have a maximum of three months to request a review of our decision. However, you should be aware that some offences, known as summary offences, cannot be prosecuted if more than six months have elapsed since they took place. If this applies in your case, the officer will have explained the shortened amount of time left in which a prosecution is possible, should the decision be overturned; please ask him/her for clarification if you are not sure.

Once a review has been requested Leicestershire Police has six weeks to complete it. All reviews will be conducted by a Detective Inspector or Detective Chief Inspector who was not part of the original investigation or decision-making process. If, after the review you are still unhappy with the outcome, you have the option to seek a judicial review at the High Court.

If the review results in the original decision being overturned, the suspect will be re-arrested or summonsed (postal requisition), depending on the seriousness of the charge. You may be required to give evidence at court if the case goes to trial. Out of court disposals can be used if the original decision is overturned and it is appropriate to do so.

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