Victim support

Anyone can become a victim of crime

People react to crime in many ways. Although most victims don’t suffer long term harm, both adults and children can be seriously affected. People who have suffered a crime may need practical information and advice, or simply someone to talk to.

The following comments have been made by people affected by crime:

Citizens Advice in court

Citizens Advice Witness Service can help victims, witnesses and their families and friends before, during and after the trial. Trained volunteers based in Crown Courts and Magistrates’ Courts offer emotional support and practical information about what happens in court.

You can contact the Witness Service online or call 0300 332 1000.

Victim First

Leicestershire Police work in partnership with Victim First. Victim First are provided with the details of victims so that they can contact them on behalf of the Chief Constable and explain the support and other services which they are able to provide to victims of crime.

What is Victim First?

Victim First is a free, independent and confidential service for victims and witnesses of crime and antisocial behaviour in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. This victim-led service is designed to ensure that the needs of the victim and witness are put first and foremost at every stage of the justice process. Victim First provides practical and emotional support to help victims and witnesses cope and recover from their ordeal. The service works in partnership with Restorative Solutions, which is all about victims and offenders communicating within a safe environment to talk about the harm that has been caused and find a way to repair that harm. This is an option available for all victims.

Victim First offers:

Contacting Victim First

Victim First provides information and support for anyone affected by crime. Help is just a phone call away. You can call Victim First whether the crime is recent or in the past, and whether or not you want to report it.

Victim First Helpline 0800 953 95 95


The phone lines are open from: Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm Wednesday 9am – 8pm

Calls are confidential.

They are also available online:

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