Forensic investigation

What happens next?

The circumstances of your case will be discussed with our professionally qualified staff to see if a visit by one of our experienced Forensic Investigators would take the case further forward. There could be some valuable forensic or fingerprint evidence left behind by the offender(s).

We are committed to providing an efficient and cost effective service. However, there are various reasons when a visit from one of our Forensic Investigators will not be necessary. The officer investigating your crime may discuss this with you.

If a Forensic Investigator visits you, then they will discuss the circumstances of the case with you and if appropriate, carry out a structured forensic and fingerprint examination. At the conclusion of the examination, they will update you with their findings of the examinations and will explain what will happen with the evidence that has been collected.

Forensic Services

The main role of Forensic Services is to provide a high quality service to the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Our aim is to use forensic science to help identify those who are committing crime in our local communities and in the United Kingdom.

We investigate, collect, process and analyse forensic and fingerprint evidence, video imagery and retrieve digital data from computers and electronic devices.

The department consists of Forensic Investigators, E-Forensic Services and Forensic Identification.

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