Business Victims

All businesses and enterprises that have been a victim of crime are entitled to service under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime – Victims’ Code.

Businesses that have been a victim of crime are offered the opportunity to make an Impact Statement for Businesses (ISB). The content of the ISB will outline how a crime has affected the business, for instance a loss of earnings, damage to their reputation or impact on staff etc.

As with the Victim Personal Statement (VPS) for victims of crime, the court takes this information into account when determining the appropriate sentence.

The officer dealing with your crime will ask if you would like parts of the ISB read out aloud in court by the CPS Prosecutor. The final decision regarding whether the ISB is read out in court rests with the Magistrates.

Individual members of staff can make their own VPS but the ISB can only be given by either managers or the owner of the business.

For more information regarding providing a ISB ask the officer dealing with your crime or go to the Government website

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