Keep Safe Club

What is Keep Safe Club?

Leicestershire Police’s Keep Safe Club aims to introduce and reinforce key safety messages to primary school children aged 7 to 11 in a fun, interactive and age appropriate manner.

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Who is it run by?

The workshop is conducted by police officers and PCSOs in order to build a positive relationship with the police and increase understanding of what the police do.

What topics will be covered?

The workshop aims to give the children the skills to report incidents with the knowledge that they will be taken seriously, and inspire confidence in their interactions with the police. We also explore what it means to be a good citizen by promoting positive behaviours in the community while developing an understanding of personal responsibility.

We look at raising awareness of personal safety, including safer use of the internet, and encourage critical thinking skills towards their online behaviour. This is done alongside aiming to develop personal safety awareness giving the children confidence, and the tools needed, to stay safe when presented with risky situations.

How long does the workshop take?

The workshop requires around 90 – 120 minutes per session which means it can be completed during the morning or afternoon session of school.

We deliver the workshop to a single class at a time to ensure all the children get the opportunity to engage and participate in the session.

We are also able to deliver to other settings of this age group such as youth clubs, Brownies and cubs, the time can be adjusted to suit but this may require some content to be left out.

I'm interested in booking a workshop. How do I contact you?

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