Teachers and Professionals

What is this website about?

The website, ‘kids and teens’, is a section of the leics.police.uk website, offering advice and information on various different subjects relating to the wellbeing of children and adults. It is important that this information is delivered directly and successfully to children of all ages, therefore encouraging them to report crime if they deem it necessary. Not only that, but this website encourages interaction with parents, carers and teachers along with opening up communication between the police and young people, and thus giving them confidence to speak up.

Your responsibilities:

As a teacher or professional it is important that you know the right areas and information with regards to certain subjects that can affect the children and young people in your care. You must know and be able to recognise the signs that a young person is suffering in silence from anything, examples such as cyber bullying to alcohol/drug abuse. In a world constantly changing with the improvement of technology, social media and personal safety is being undermined. It is important to teach and inform younger people on how to prevent online dangers.

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To view content specifically written for young people, visit www.leics.police.uk/kidsandteens

What can we offer you?

We offer a vast range of workshops for both KS2 and secondary school children and young people. For a full list of workshops available, please download our posters for secondary and for primary.

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