Stolen vehicle

If your vehicle has been stolen, report it to us by calling 101, or if the incident is in progress, by calling 999.

Do not report a stolen vehicle using our online reporting system.

We need to get the registration number on our systems as quickly as possible to give us the best opportunity to recover your car’

Abandoned vehicle

We are only responsible for dealing with abandoned vehicles if they are on a road causing an obstruction or danger, or if you believed they may be lost or stolen. A check can be completed to see if the vehicle is lost or stolen and suitable enquiries can be completed with the registered keeper if known.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Your Local Authority has a duty to deal with abandoned vehicles from highways and any land in the open air, this includes private property.

You can also report an abandoned vehicle online through the website.

Report an untaxed vehicle

Reports of untaxed vehicles should be directed to the DVLA.

Driveway obstruction

Vehicles causing an obstruction to a driveway can only be removed by us if there is a dropped kerb in place, and the vehicle is being prevented from leaving the driveway. We will not attend a report of obstruction where a vehicle is unable to get onto a drive/parking area.

Further information and advice can be located at our Ask The Police section.

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