Vehicle seizures and recovery

Important: If your vehicle is stolen, your first step should be to report it to us by calling 101, or if the incident is in progress, by calling 999.

What we will do

If your vehicle is found it will be recovered by a removal operator and it will be taken to their premises for safekeeping and to allow forensic examination. You will be advised that your vehicle has been recovered and when arrangements for collection can be made.


The cost of removal is your responsibility. The fees vary according to the size of the vehicle, any damage to it and the location, as a guide the cost for an undamaged car/motorbike on a road is:

If you are making a claim your insurance company will arrange the collection and pay the costs, however this is dependent on the type of insurance cover you have. You may wish to phone your insurance company for further information. If you choose not to collect the vehicle you do not have to pay any charges.

In some circumstances we will meet the costs of removal, if you feel that the circumstances are such that you shouldn't have to pay you can call 101 to speak to staff in the Vehicle Removal Office or write to us at:

Police Headquarters
St John’s
LE19 2BX

Where the vehicle is believed to have been used in a serious crime (namely homicides, rape, kidnapping, robbery with violence, causing death by dangerous driving) or otherwise directed by a Senior Police Officer then we may need to retain the vehicle for a longer period, there is no charge for storage for any vehicle while it is retained for examination or evidence.

We cannot guarantee the condition of safety of your vehicle and it is therefore advised that you arrange for a comprehensive safety check to be completed by a garage of your choice prior to it being driven.

Recovery of stolen vehicles

It is our policy to recover all stolen vehicles that are found abandoned. There are a number of reasons why your vehicle will be recovered if it is located:

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