Know Your Rights

When a police officer stop searches you, he/she must:-

The police officer can:-

You will be asked for personal details, including your name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address. You do not have to provide these details but if you do this assists the police in monitoring stop search activity.

Whilst some personal details may be used to contact people who have been stop searched for quality assurance purposes, your personal information may also be used or added to information that the Force already holds about you.


The recording and monitoring of Stop & Account in Leicestershire is currently suspended

A ‘Stop & Account’ is an encounter between the police and a member of the public that do not take place under any statutory powers and does not lead to an arrest or a search.

Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers record these where you are in a public place and you are asked to account for your actions, behaviour, presence in an area or possession of anything. This record is made using radio transmissions - no paper record is created. There is no entitlement to a copy of this record.

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