Reclaim your property

Lost, Stolen and Found Property

Our Flickr website aims to reunite owners of lost or stolen property with their goods. The website will show a gallery of photographs and encourages owners to come forward and reclaim their missing items.

After 28 days, items will be offered for sale to the general public through our eBay site. It should be noted however, that items will remain on Flickr during the listing period and can be claimed by the owner at any point before payment has been received.

Leicester Police Property Disposal

Our second eBay store sells all other property that the police need to dispose of including all unclaimed and unidentified, found and seized property, along with surplus police assets.

Items from the Flickr store will be on sale here if no owner is found within 28 days.

Leicester Police POCA Property

Our eBay store offers items for sale that have been recovered from law breakers. The confiscated goods sold were bought legitimately by criminals with "dirty" money. All proceeds go back to Central Government to be reinvested into front-line policing and community projects.

You can purchase items that have formed part of a Court Confiscation Order under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002, from what is the first auction site of its kind in the UK.

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