Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register at any police station?

No, if you intend to live in the Leicester / Leicestershire area, you must register at the:

Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO) Mansfield House
74 Belgrave Gate

Do I need an appointment to register?

No, we do not run an appointment system. You can attend between the opening times.

Will the registration certificate be available for collection the same day?

Yes, you will be given your police registration certificate at the time of your registration.

If I change any of the details that are on my registration certificate, do I have to report these changes to the police?

Yes, after registering you must comply with the rules on the reserve of the certificate and any changes must be reported within seven days at the Overseas Visitors Records Office.

The rules of the Police Registration Scheme require you to report any changes within seven days as follows:

Please note, there is no fee to pay when you notify the police of any of the above changes.

What do I do when I am leaving the United Kingdom and do not plan to return?

Before leaving the United Kingdom, you are required to return your registration certificate to the Nationality Office at Hinckley Road police station, explaining that you are leaving the UK and giving the date of your departure and which airport you are flying from.

How do I get a new PRC if mine has been lost, stolen, damaged or full?

If your Police Registration Certificate has been lost, stolen, damaged or it is full, you must attend the Overseas Visitors Records Office with all the relevant documents mentioned in our relevant documentation page to obtain a replacement. If your Police Registration Certificate is damaged or full, please bring it with you when you attend. You will be required to pay the current registration fee for all replacements except for full Police Registration Certificates which are replaced free of charge.

If your BRP card or passport has been lost or stolen, the police no longer produce reference numbers. Please visit the Lost and Found property page.

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