The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) came into force on January 1 2005. Its primary purpose is to promote openness and transparency by public authorities and it achieves this in two ways:

  1. Public Authorities are required to pro-actively publish information that is in the public interest for it to do so.
  2. It creates a universal right that allows any member of the public, from anywhere in the world, to request information held by the public authority.

Find out more information on the history and scope of the legislation.

Limitations of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Although the FOIA created a broad right of access to information it does have its limitations. Leicestershire Police hold information that allows us to fulfil our core purposes of crime prevention, detection and the apprehension of offenders. As a result significant amounts of information we hold need to be protected due to its sensitivity and would not be suitable to be placed in the public domain.

The categories of information the law allows us to withhold can be broadly summarised as follows:

In addition to the above, further exemptions exist to protect national security, commercial interests, legal professional privilege and the physical and mental well-being of individuals. More information concerning the polices use of exemptions can be found on the College of Policing website.

Guidance on How to Make a Request

Leicestershire Police currently receive over 1200 requests under the FOI legislation each year, many of which cover similar subject areas. As a result, in order to help you make a request, we have collated all of the available information into two helpful pages.

This will give you immediate access to the information you may require whether it be via information that has been released as a result from past FOI requests or other information we proactively publish in accordance with our commitment to openness and transparency.

If, having reviewed the publicly available information, you wish to make an FOI request you can do so by following the relevant link at the end of these pages.

Information about you

A subject access request is the official way to request personal information about you that we hold on Leicestershire Police systems, such as crime reports.

If you want to know what information (if any) we hold about you, or you would like confirmation that you do, or do not have a prosecution or conviction history, you will need to download and complete a subject access form.

Two copies of proof of identification must accompany a completed application form.

Please return completed forms to:

Data Protection and Information Security Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters St John's Enderby Leicester LE19 2BX For further information you can also contact email us

Please note that when we have received your completed application form and fee, the process can take up to 40 days.

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