Online grooming - information for young people

Do you talk to people on chatrooms, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, instant messaging apps, online gaming sites or dating apps?

Do you really know who these people are?

Have you been in contact with someone you don’t know personally and exchanged personal information, such as email, phone number or your address?

Do they…

If so, you could be putting yourself in danger

The person you are talking to may not be your friend and could be a groomer. They could be a man or a woman, young or old. Online grooming and sexual abuse is a crime, but if you are a victim it is important to know it is not your fault.

Staying safe online is important to stop you from being a target. You should never give out your personal details online to people you don’t know. You should never send sexual pictures of yourself and you should never agree to meet up with someone that you’ve met online, particularly in a private place or without your family knowing. Doing so can make it possible for an online groomer to hurt you.

If you are worried about something that is happening to you online there are people and places that can help.

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