Animal identity marking

Dog fouling

Report dog fouling to your local council

Stray dogs

We no longer have responsibility for stray dogs.

You should contact your local authority and ask to speak with the local dog warden. The dog warden has a responsibility to collect all stray dogs that are found in a public place.

The RSPCA will not attend to collect stray dogs but will respond to an animal in distress or to a report of cruelty.

Further advice and information can be located on the ASK THE POLICE website.

Nuisance dogs

Your local council can also deal with dogs causing a nuisance such as noise and fouling complaints.

Report a dead animal at the side of the road

Reports of dead animals on the roadside should be reported to your local council who will make arrangements to have the animal removed.

Welfare of an animal

The RSPCA will respond to reports of animal cruelty and animals in distress. You can report online or contact them on 0300 1234 99. The RSPCA will contact us if we are required to attend.

Dog left in a hot car

Concern around animal welfare should be initially reported to the RSPCA by contacting them on:

If you have immediate concerns over an animal left in a hot vehicle where a more urgent response is required please call 101 and complete an incident report. Details such as the location and vehicle information will be required so where it is possible and safe to do so please make the report from the scene of the incident.

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