Abnormal Loads

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1988 (C&U) and The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003 (STGO) stipulate what is an abnormal load and when they require notification.

When is notification required

A notification is required to Leicestershire Police if the abnormal load is being transported on any road through Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and falls into one or more of the following criteria:

The notice must include:

At least two clear working days notice is required to the Police (not including weekends and Bank Holidays).

Nationally agreed criteria and local knowledge will be used to decide if the load requires an escort on all or part of the route or requires being re-routed.

Agricultural vehicles and equipment are also required to be notified to the police if:


a) there is a speed limit of 40 miles per hour or less on any road on which the vehicle is to be used


b) the length of the journey to be made by the vehicle exceeds 5 miles.

Schedule 5 of STGO stipulates the Police are to be given 24 hours notice before the date of use.

Where to send your notice

Abnormal load movement notices should be sent to the Abnormal Loads Officer:

Email - ab.loads@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

The Abnormal Loads Officer is based at

Police Headquarters
St Johns
LE19 2BX

Phone: 101 (extension 2442)

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