Riding clubs

Rural Watch logoWhether you rent or own your field or showground, the security of your equipment is paramount.

If show equipment is stolen it could mean having to cancel your event so it is important that you take security measures to try to protect your equipment.

Show equipment, such as jumps, unless marked and recorded in an inventory are very difficult to trace or prove ownership of if they are stolen.

We recommend that you follow the advice below to review your security arrangements. If a theft does unfortunately occur, our guidelines will also help to improve the chances of your equipment being returned to you.



Tractors and implements


Always report incidents to the police

Policing is determined by the National Intelligence Model, which is driven by reported incidents and recorded crime. If an incident is not reported to us, we will not know there is a problem, we cannot help you or gain information on the crime. There may be a pattern of similar crimes which will not be identified or acted on if they are not reported. If you are a victim or witness to a crime please call us on 101 or if there is a crime in progress call 999 providing as much information as possible.

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