Out and About

When out and about it is important to protect yourself from thieves stealing your personal belongings:

Are you an easy target

Things you can do to protect yourself:

Cover up campaign

In August 2015, two officers from the Belgrave area of the city came up with the idea of the ‘Cover Up’ campaign, as part of the work to reduce seasonal increases in gold chain snatches during the warmer months. They have been working with people on probation to sew scarves made from fabric donated by businesses in the Belgrave area to encourage Asian women to cover up their jewellery.

Neighbourhood officers have been talking with local people in community centres and temples to urge them to cover up their jewellery when they are out and about or not to wear it at all. Officers have also been giving out crime prevention leaflets in different languages and working with jewellery shops who have been giving leaflets to customers when they buy jewellery.

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Police community event

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