Knife crime information for parents and guardians

What is knife crime?

Put simply, knife crime is a crime that involves a knife, this includes:

Get the facts

The most commonly given reason for carrying a knife is 'for protection' However ……

Some people carry a knife to feel safe. It is important to recognise that those who carry knives put themselves at greater risk of getting hurt or of committing a crime themselves.

If you have any information regarding those who carry knives we want to hear from you. Don’t let those carrying knives wreck the community.


Would you know?

Would you know how to spot if your child was carrying a knife?

Did you know that young men aged 12 - 25 are most likely to be convicted of carrying an offensive weapon?

Do you suspect your teenage son or daughter has started carrying a knife?

Here's some signs to looking out for:

I think my child is carrying a knife. Where do I go from here?

The best way to progress is to talk to your child. If young people are educated on the consequences of knife crime they may reconsider carrying knives.

Consider mentioning:


Reporting/ further information

101 (call 24/7) or report online.

We understand you may feel that disclosing this information could put you at risk. You can report any information you have anonymously to:
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