Information for different types of business

High value goods retailers (jewellers, mobile phone, computers, cigarettes, alcohol):
- Consider installing smoke emitting devices. These quickly fill the room with thick smoke, disorientating criminals and making it impossible to see what they intend to steal.

Other retailers:
- Place alcohol away from doors to deter “grab and go” thefts.
- Keep alcohol/cigarettes in lockable cabinets.
- Ensure stock rooms/cellars are locked, even during normal working hours.

Computer server rooms:
- Consider installing smoke emitting devices.

Licensed premises:
- Focus CCTV on high value areas such as gaming machines/cigarette machines - Choose gaming machines with built-in alarms – and set those alarms. - Place gaming machines away from accessible windows.
- Be aware that thieves will steal empty kegs for their scrap metal value, and full ones for their alcohol. Consider chaining kegs together to deter theft, or keep them in a secure building. Check that those collecting the kegs are genuine.

Businesses which deal with large amounts of money (bookmakers, post offices etc)
- Keep excess cash in a safe which cannot be opened by workforce
- Try to reduce the amount of time during which the cash is on the premises.
- Empty tills, vending machines or cash boxes regularly to prevent them becoming a lucrative target.
- Install a high quality CCTV system.

- Consider sophisticated multi-zone alarms which are monitored day and night;
- Consider smoke emitting devices.

- Consider installing barriers, CCTV and lighting in car parks. This will deter thefts from vehicles, and put off potential burglars who travel by car.
- Challenge any “workmen” – were they expected?
- Advise customers to remove all valuables from their vehicles.
- Mark TVs and other hotel goods with the hotel’s details. This will deter theft and would make it easier to return any goods recovered by the police.
- Immediately de-activate any door cards that are no longer valid.

Filling stations:
- Install ANPR-CCTV systems – and make visitors aware you have it.
- Consider installing speed ramps to deter people from driving off without paying for fuel.
- Consider pay-before-fuel restrictions, especially at night.

Buildings with cashpoint machines:
- Contact police crime reduction officers for specialist advice.

For Further Information

A review of security and increased vigilance can prevent further offences and play a major part in an investigation should an incident occur. Further advice on any of the information presented here may be available by contacting your local Neighbourhood Policing Team. For contact details for your Neighbourhood Policing Team, please go to or telephone 101.

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