Stop Search

The use of stop and search powers allow the police to tackle crime and anti social behaviour, and to prevent more serious crimes occurring. It is one of many powers used by the police to maintain order and keep people safe. Stop and search generally happens in public places.

The police have the legal right to stop and search members of the public for a variety of reasons and using a number of powers. The main powers used require the officer to have reasonable grounds to suspect that the person stop searched is carrying a stolen or prohibited article.

Other powers exist where an authorisation is required by a senior officer in relation to anticipated serious violence or terrorism. These powers are used less frequently as officers do not have to have reasonable suspicion about the individual being stopped and searched.

The use of stop and search powers by the police is regulated by legislation and codes of practice.

Click here for information on the Home Office’s 2014 consultation on Stop Search.

Stop Search Record Request

If you have been stop searched and require a copy of the record of the search please contact us by filling in this form or ringing 101 ext 6983.


You should be treated fairly, politely and with respect at all times and given an explanation for the stop search or stop. However, if you are unhappy with the way you have been treated, please try to stay calm and cooperate with the officer(s). You can complain.

It will help if you keep the copy of the search record (or receipt) and the officer(s)’ name or identification number.

You can get advice from, or complain to:


You can apply for consideration for compensation if your vehicle has been searched and during the search damaged. We would advise you to take a photograph of any damage.

You can apply for compensation by filling out our form


Your feedback is important to us. In order to help us improve our service please visit our Rate Your Local Police website where you can let us know about the service you have received.

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