Multi-faith prayer room

In June 2005, Leicestershire Police became the first force in the region to open a purpose-built multi-faith prayer room for its staff.

The room at Force Headquarters is the product of a partnership between the Constabulary, the Black Police Association (BPA), the Christian Police Association (CPA) and the Leicester Council of Faiths.

It was recognised that staff and visitors may need a place to pray during working hours and so many felt it was important for the Force to have a quiet area for reflection.

In response to this the Constabulary provided the funds and location for the development, and soft furnishings were generously supplied by local businesses.

The multi-faith prayer room is open to all officers, police staff and visitors to Force Headquarters and provides them with a comfortable place for worship and contemplation away from the busy work environment.

Former Chief Constable Matt Baggott, who officially opened the room, said: "The creation of the multi-faith room is one way in which we can ensure the needs of all our staff are met.

"I am delighted we have been able to provide this facility and greatly appreciate the hard work put in by all those whose vision and determination turned the initial proposal for the room into reality."

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