Providing specialist support to make neighbourhoods even safer

Leicestershire Police's Operations Department, which is made up of more than 150 police officers and 30 police staff, aims to protect our communities by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour by using joint specialist and general policing skills to take criminals off the streets, gather intelligence and improve community safety.

The department's areas of responsibility include policing the roads of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, providing a 24-hour armed police response and offering officers who are specially trained to deal with public order incidents and to carry-out searches.

The department also provides specialist dogs to sniff out drugs and explosives, ensures staff are properly briefed and deployed during major and planned operations and works with the East Midlands Air Support Unit to ensure the police helicopter is available to support officers on the ground at events and during operations.

Together with the Force’s partner agencies, the department also develops and tests major incident contingency plans and helps to put plans together for major public events throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland including Diwali, the Caribbean Carnival and the British Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Further developing the Force's Special Constabulary and the role of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) is also the responsibility of the department.

The department, which is based at Force Headquarters, Enderby, provides many of its services 24-hours a day to assist local officers tackling local community issues.

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