Shotgun certificates

The Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department is currently experiencing high volumes of work. Due to this Shotgun Certificates are taking between 8-10 weeks to process. Every effort will be made to process shotgun license certificates as quickly as possible, but we would ask you to please bear these timescales in mind before contacting the department to check on the progress of your application.

You can get copies of the Firearms And/Or Shotgun Certificate Application forms by downloading from this website.

Form 201 is the joint application form for all Firearm and/or Shotgun Certificates. This should be filled in and returned along with payment and photographs to the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department.

How much does it cost?

The grant of a shotgun certificate is £79.50 or for the renewal of an existing certificate is £49.00. A cheque or postal order made payable to 'OPCC for Leicestershire' should be included along with Form 201 and returned to:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department
Leicestershire Police
Mansfield House
74 Belgrave Gate

Cash should not be sent through the post.

Coterminous certificates

If you are applying for the grant or renewal of a shotgun certificate and you already possess a firearm certificate, you can request that both certificates expire on the same day by making them coterminous.

This can save the certificate-holder money because coterminous renewals are less expensive than separate firearm and shotgun renewals.

For more information contact Leicestershire Police’s Firearms and Explosives Licensing department.


For a shotgun certificate one referee is required and should be someone who has known the applicant personally for at least two years. Members of the applicant's family may not act as referees: wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent and mother/father/sister/brother/son/daughter-in-law. Cousins are not regarded as immediate.

Referees - please be aware the police checks will be conducted to determine their suitability as a reference. Cousins are not classed as immediate family, however, due to the close nature of these relationships Leicestershire Police will ask for an alternative referee.

Also, an applicant’s girlfriend, boyfriend or partner cannot be used as a referee. In circumstances, in which it is determined they are not suitable, a new referee will be requested of the applicant.

Serving police officers, police and Police Crime Commissioner employees and registered firearms dealers cannot act as referees.


One photograph of the applicant are required with the application. The photographs should show the applicant full face and without a hat and must bear a current likeness. The size of the photographs should be 45mm x 35mm and printed on normal thin photographic paper. They should be un-mounted.

One photograph must be signed by the applicant in ink on the back with your usual signature.


Firearms and shotguns should be stored as to prevent access by unauthorised persons which include other members of an applicants household.

All guns should be stored out of sight and under lock and key. Gun cabinets, gun clamps and gun rooms are the best forms of secure storage.

Gun cabinets should be:

Ammunition should, if possible, be stored in a separate, lockable compartment and may form part of the gun cabinet. Ammunition boxes should remain ventilated.

Transporting shotguns

When transporting shotguns:

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